Onsite Human Capital

Compliance Issues

Employment Agreements
Our employment agreements are fully compliant and come with sections containing:
The legalities in an Employment Agreement that is required in the Employment Relations Act 2000
Codes of Professional Conduct
Job Description

Optional sections
Tenancy agreements (if appropriate)
Business background
Overall business productivity measures
Performance Management criteria

Occupational Safety and Health
Employers and Employee’s Responsibilities
Developing a living Hazard Register
Implementing an on site Health, Safety and procedures manual with all of the relevant documents
Establishing and Maintaining Hazard Register
Safe work place practices
Training for the Health & Safety Employee Representative

Helping business manage their people in a more efficient and effective manner
Coaching owners and managers of businesses how to effectively introduce and operate the HR function
Mentor existing people who operate their own HR function but may need trained and experienced backup

For further information on how we can assist your business
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